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Within the scope of logistics activities demanded by our customers and in all other purchases, to establish mutually beneficial relationships based on trust, sharing and integration of information with the organisations from which we supply products, processes and services, to improve our ability to create value, to create synergies in terms of resources and costs by gaining competitive advantage through continuous relationships, through GDP (Good Delivery Practices) practices.


As AKTUR, we believe that the most important step of the services that will ensure the satisfaction of all our stakeholders will be possible with an effective supply chain management. Within the scope of supply chain management, we meet the expectations of all our stakeholders by creating collaborations focused on qualified input supply, qualified process management and qualified human development.


For this purpose, all units involved in Supply Chain Management coordinate strategic activities and share vision.


AKTUR approaches all stakeholders it serves with a solution partner understanding rather than a customer-supplier relationship. Within the framework of this understanding, it reduces both the workload and the operational costs paid for these transactions by its business partners through R&D and business development activities, and improves its domestic and foreign trade operation activities. With the digitalisation of the supply chain, we enable all our business partners to reduce inventory, management, distribution and transportation costs. In addition, all our stakeholders can monitor, report and manage all processes with special authorisation. Distribution and stock holding costs can be reduced by eliminating uncertainty in the supply chain with maximum efficiency, reducing the use of paper and controls.


AKTUR attaches importance to ensuring that the products and services required to perform its operations are procured in compliance with laws and ethical values, and that they do not come from sources that violate human rights, occupational health and safety, the environment, intellectual property and confidential information. We aim to spread and maintain the values and policies we adopt throughout the entire supply chain. In order to achieve this goal, we expect all our subcontractors and suppliers to be in solidarity with our company. In order to realise continuous improvement, it is important to provide feedback and share positive practices.


Principles Observed in Relations with Subcontractors and Suppliers


Acting in accordance with the Law and Ethical Values

It is important that subcontractors and suppliers act in accordance with the laws and relevant legislation during their activities. We expect all subcontractors and suppliers to adopt the principle of integrity, honesty and openness, and to act in accordance with the law and ethical values.


Observing Human Rights and Labour Principles

It is important that subcontractors and suppliers respect human rights, avoid discrimination and provide equal opportunities to their employees. We expect subcontractors and suppliers not to discriminate against their employees, to provide equal opportunities, not to use forced or compulsory labour, and not to use child labour.

We pay attention to the fact that subcontractors and suppliers act by observing the principles of occupational health and occupational safety to ensure a safe working environment.

We care that they carefully protect the trade secrets of their customers.


Environmental Sensitivity

We expect subcontractors and suppliers to minimise the possible negative impacts they may cause to the environment during their activities; We expect them to produce products and services that protect the environment, customers and employees.


Combating Bribery and Corruption

We expect subcontractors and suppliers not to tolerate bribery and corruption in any way and to be sensitive in this regard.


Intellectual Property and Confidential Information

Subcontractors and suppliers must respect AKTUR’s intellectual property rights and inform us when they become aware of any danger and/or infringement of such rights. In this context, they must co-operate with AKTUR in order to prevent and/or terminate any possible infringement. Subcontractors and suppliers must protect all AKTUR information, including but not limited to all kinds of financial statements, reports, financial and legal information, trademarks, corporate information, invention, business, method, progress and patents, copyrights, trademarks, commercial-financial-technical secrets or any other information, documents subject to legal protection or not, and all written and/or verbal commercial, financial, technical information, documents that they will learn during the said relationship, with appropriate security measures. It is only possible for AKTUR to disclose confidential information to its employees and consultants who need to learn this information due to their work, if it warns its employees and consultants about the confidentiality of the information and ensures that these persons comply with the confidentiality obligations.

Selman AKTOĞ
General Manager