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AKTUR has adopted the principle of providing the most ideal solution for all kinds of transportation demands of its customers. In this context, it plays a complementary role in transportation solutions such as air transport, maritime and rail transport.

AKTUR; its IATA license,</a href=”http://www.utikad.org .tr/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>UTIKAD and HTFN< /a> Providing the highest quality service at the most affordable cost to its customers in 186 countries and 700 locations with a wide agency network covering the whole world with its memberships and agreements with the most important airline companies works for.


AKTUR prioritizes operational excellence in order to provide the fast service required by air transportation. With its wide agency network and established locations, it offers different solutions to deliver products from Turkish airports to all airports in the world. AKTUR; not only from airport to airport; In addition to different service options such as door to airport, airport to door and door to door, it also provides transit loading service and cross transportation services between two countries outside of Turkey. In line with customer needs, it also offers services such as storage, handling, distribution, customs clearance, palletization and insurance integrated with air transportation.


Product Types

With AKTUR’s air transportation solutions; From general cargo to perishable cargo, from dangerous goods to suspended textile products, from heavy tonnage products to out-of-gauge products within the scope of project transportation, from live animals to factory transportations, to special transfers, it provides fast and safe transportation of many product types from different sectors, directly or by charter services.


Service Types

Aiming to further expand its consolidation service network in new routes in air transportation solutions, AKTUR offers Express services with different airline alternatives in addition to the Standard service according to the time needs of its customers.


Wide Agency Network

AKTUR, with its wide agency network and established locations, provides direct, transit and cross transportation services from Turkish airports to all airports in the world and between different airports outside Turkey.


Low Cost Alternatives in Your Flight Planning

AKTUR not only offers different transportation models such as land-air, sea-air with its consolidation centers located in Europe, America and the Far East and its wide agency network covering the whole world, in order to deliver its product to its customers under the most favorable conditions under market competitive conditions, but also on behalf of its customers. It also provides cost advantage by producing different alternatives in flight planning.