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Customers’ Needs and Expectations are Met on Time

AKTUR, one of the leading companies in the logistics sector, fully meets the needs of its customers by making regular daily distribution to all regions of Turkey thanks to its branch network and wide fleet.

AKTUR produces special solutions for its customers and carries out project transportations from suppliers to production lines and can meet all kinds of needs of its customers within the framework of national distribution.

Measurable Solutions

AKTUR responds to all the demands of its many customers operating in various sectors in the national distribution channel; It provides quality and measurable answers with its expert team, branch network, fleet and technological solutions.

Technology Difference at Every Step of the Service

AKTUR, which uses the latest technology in every step of the special solutions it produces according to customer demands, clearly reveals its difference with the pioneering investments it has made.

Customers’ Biggest Supporter

Offering personalized solutions with new business models developed in line with the expectations of its customers, AKTUR manages to be the biggest supporter of its customers by using its resources more effectively.

With its wide service network spread all over Turkey, AKTUR successfully manages the distribution and material collection operations of international chain markets, world giants, many leading brands serving in the electronics, health, FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods), automotive sectors. AKTUR is able to respond to all kinds of needs regardless of sector and product type, and is an important solution and business partner of its customers with the new business models it has developed.

Flexible Solutions for Variable Demands

In order to meet the needs and expectations of its customers on time and in the desired manner, AKTUR offers Complete and Partial options in National Distribution transport solutions according to the desi quantity. Partial transport, as a more flexible option than complete transport due to the frequency of departure days, is an effective method to offer solutions suitable for the variable demands of customers.

Modern, Fast and Environmentally Friendly Fleet

AKTUR has a new, fast and environmentally friendly fleet consisting of vehicles with different features to meet the different needs and expectations of its customers.
AKTUR is able to serve a wide range of sectors with its tilt, double-decker, suspended, insulated and special brake-equipped vehicles according to different transport functions. AKTUR fleet, all of whose tractors comply with Euro5 and Euro3 exhaust norms, is equipped with the necessary safety equipment as well as dynafleet and fleetboard systems that enable real-time monitoring and tracking.

Technological Infrastructure

As an important actor in the domestic and international distribution sector, AKTUR’s information systems infrastructure is one of its strongest areas. While managing its operations with the software developed by its own IT team, AKTUR offers rational technological solutions to make life easier for its customers with vehicle tracking system, online information flow system and web-based reporting.

Instant Vehicle and Load Tracking

Devices operating online via GPRS connection instantly send delivery information to the point of departure. With these investments, AKTUR has introduced a different vision for instant sharing of information in the service sector.

By enabling customers to access daily, weekly and monthly reports on shipment basis via the web, and by feeding its customers with data to enable them to follow sales and collection processes in a healthy manner, AKTUR also manages to be the most loyal follower of this important process.

The vehicles in AKTUR’s fleet are equipped with GPS modules, giving customers the chance to monitor the geographical location of the vehicles. Thus, AKTUR enables its customers to anticipate possible delays and take precautions.