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Ro – Ro transportation (Ro – Ro transportation) It is a type of international transportation made by private ships. These ships are specially made for trucks and container vehicles. Vehicles carrying the cargo are put on and off the ship on their own wheels. In developed geographies, Ro-Ro transportation is seen as an important pillar of Intermodal rather than being a stand-alone transportation element. The trucks arriving at the port with this transportation vehicle, which also enables the seaway to be used more effectively, continue to serve green logistics, especially by using the railway.

Creating the most suitable and safe conditions for your transportation, tracking your walking and partial walking loads at every stage and ensuring that they reach your customers as soon as possible and safely is the main factor that creates the quality of our service. We would like to state that our area of expertise is the cargoes that are made suitable for Ro-Ro transportation by providing special equipment support. We provide service in line with the needs of our customers, together with our close shipowners making international liner voyages or spot working, for different product groups, from automobiles with the smallest Ro-Ro load to crawler work machines, from telescopic cranes to heavy tonnage and bulky loads that can be handled over the joint.