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In order to manage all stages of our activities requested by our customers regarding Logistics in a customer-centred manner with an effective communication network and to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty;

Adhering to the guiding principles specified in the ISO 10002:2018 standard in order to handle customer demands and expectations effectively and efficiently,

To define the process of addressing customer demands and expectations and to actively adhere to the implementation,

Provide and commit adequate resources and manage them effectively and efficiently,

To ensure that requests and expectations are communicated to our customers, staff and other relevant parties in the process of handling them and to provide individual expectation holders with sufficient information about the handling of their expectations,

Be easily accessible, explain relevant details, and facilitate understanding and utilisation of the process of addressing their requests and expectations and supporting information,

Addressing the needs and expectations of customers throughout the organisation and acting in a fair, objective and impartial manner,

To provide free access to the process of addressing customer demands and expectations,

To ensure that the information is accurate and not misleading and that the data collected are relevant, accurate, complete, meaningful and useful,

To keep all requests and expectations of the customer confidential and not to disclose them without the permission of the customer,

Adopting a customer-oriented approach and being open to feedback,

Ensure accountability and reporting for relevant decisions and actions,


To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the process, to focus on permanent goals,

Ensure that all personnel have the necessary personal characteristics, skills, training and experience to address customer demands and expectations,

To address and finalise as quickly as possible


We accept and undertake.





Selman AKTOĞ
General Manager