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This policy emphasises the importance and priority of our social responsibilities for all our stakeholders in the light of our corporate principles and values.

To protect the rights and interests of all stakeholders and shareholders in line with our principles and values and limited company ethical rules, which define the behaviour of our employees and all our stakeholders and are based on the understanding and expectations on which all our business relations are based,

To ensure that our principles and values are integrally aligned with our policies and strategic objectives,

To ensure that shareholders and the public are adequately informed about the organisational structure and objectives of our company within the framework of transparency in corporate governance,

To enable senior management to evaluate our effectiveness,

To make the information available to the public in a timely, accurate, complete, complete, comprehensible, impartial, easily accessible and equitable manner in a manner that will help the relevant parties to make decisions in the light of the information obtained,

To manage financial resources effectively and efficiently, to allocate resources for investment, to make rational and profitable investments,

To define legal compliance and our responsibility towards national and international laws and our diligence in complying with the relevant regulations,

To ensure the highest level of compliance with all national and international rules and internal regulations, especially legal regulations regarding Legislation and Legal Regulations,

To act in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, corporate values and rules without discrimination in its relations with its investors and shareholders,

To increase our service quality and reputation with ethical rules,

To create a set of values that regulate our relations with our employees and society and form a culture of behaviour,

To be sensitive to social social responsibilities; To comply with regulations and ethical rules regarding the environment, consumers, public health,


We accept and undertake.


Selman AKTOĞ
General Manager