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Intermodal; It is a transportation model in which three different transportation routes are used: sea, rail and land. It is based on the principle of transporting the products from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin to the Port of Trieste by Ro-Ro, by rail from Trieste to Ludwigshafen or Cologne, and from there by road to the targeted points.

Likewise, during the import process, the products transported by road from the relevant loading points to Cologne or Ludwigshafen and consolidated and brought to the Trieste Port by rail are delivered to the ports in Turkey by AKTUR Ro-Ro.


Roro –  Highway

Two different modes of transport are used, sea and land. It is an alternative transportation model for high tonnage products due to the implementation of tonnage constraints on European highways. It is based on the principle of transporting the products from the ports of Istanbul, Izmir and Mersin to the Port of Trieste by Ro-Ro, and then delivering them to the relevant points by road.

It is a model that allows the products to be brought to Trieste Port by road during the import process, consolidated and delivered to the targeted ports by Ro-Ro.

Temperature Controlled Transport

AKTUR successfully carries out food logistics activities with these vehicles, which have the capacity to transport frozen products, vegetables and fruits at -20, + 20 degrees Celsius.

It can serve many different sectors with its awning, double-deck, suspended, insulated and special brake equipped vehicles according to different transportation functions. All of the vehicles have the necessary safety equipment and are equipped with dynafleet and fleetboard systems that provide real-time monitoring and tracking.

AKTUR Fleet Management manages activities such as the central selection, routing and tracking of vehicles to be used in the transportation of products, on the basis of efficient use of resources.

AKTUR’s fleet, mostly consisting of Volvo and Mercedes brand tractors, has 200 tractors as of 2015. The average age of the tractors is 3 years and complies with EURO 5 and EURO 6 exhaust norms.


Environmental Impacts

EURO emission norms determine the maximum pollutant level that can be released by the engine for each unit of power produced. Manufacturers develop different technologies to ensure that the exhaust gas produced by their vehicles complies with the EURO norms. An environmentally friendly solution is provided by this reinforced and improved engine. AKTUR also pays great attention to the low exhaust emissions of vehicles in order to protect the environment. The tractors with EURO 5 and EURO 6 norms in its fleet are proof of this.


Load Security

All trailers in AKTUR’s fleet comply with EN 12642 and EN 12642-XL standards. These standards express the minimum body structure requirements that road transport vehicles should have in terms of load safety. AKTUR demonstrates its sensitivity in load safety with its trailer preferences produced in accordance with EN 12642 standards for box bodies and EN 12642-XL standards for tarpaulins.

In addition, vehicles are equipped with shackles, struts, friction-reducing mats, corner bars, ADR equipment for combustible loads. All drivers have a flammable cargo license.


Driver Training

AKTUR believes that rational solutions for customer needs can be produced and implemented with a qualified human resource, therefore it constantly invests in people. For this purpose, it provides continuous training to drivers in order to maintain a quality and standard service approach in land transportation solutions.

Drivers, within the scope of the training process they have been involved in since the first day they started to work at AKTUR; periodically receives and evaluates trainings such as vocational training, on-the-job training, load safety, safe and economical driving with a heavy vehicle simulator, and defensive driving techniques.


Load Tracking and Monitoring System
  • You can track vehicles and loads on the map in real time,
  • Can get estimated driving times and mileage information,
  • You can view the locations of AKTUR and its collaborating agencies, as well as its customers and suppliers on the map,
  • Access reports with order and time-based analysis on all orders, customize them on the basis of customers and/or suppliers,
  • They can track the status of all their orders.

The current status of the transported products of the customers is timely communicated via e-mail. Upon request, the current status is sent to the business partners of our customers, including different business partners such as company representatives, as departure/arrival information.