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In today’s world, where 80% of the world trade is realized by sea, AKTUR has agreements with shipowners all over the world, a wide agency network and FIATA, ITCO, UTIKAD provides many customers around the world with their membership, not only between Turkey and all other countries in the world; Apart from Turkey, it produces rational logistics solutions between continents and between different countries.

AKTUR provides the most ideal solution with intermodal options such as land-sea, sea-air, sea-rail, as well as carrying out FCL and LCL transports on a container basis by planning all kinds of combination possibilities during the transportation of customers’ products. Because AKTUR is aware that the most important criterion in the supply chain today is not the fastest, but the most ideal planning. In addition to port-to-port, port-to-door, door-to-door transportation, it also provides consolidation of LCL products within the scope of maritime transportation solutions, transit loading service and cross transportation services between two countries outside of Turkey. AKTUR creates freight alternatives and provides cost advantage with special contracts signed with all shipping agencies in Turkey.


From all container terminals in Turkey to all ports of the world

It reaches from all container terminals in Turkey to all ports of the world thanks to its wide agency network. It is proud of providing better quality service to its customers with its business partner agencies all over the world.


Product Types

AKTUR has the know-how and infrastructure to enable the transportation of all product types with different container types in its fleet. It provides the transportation of all solid, liquid and gaseous materials, from hanging textile products to flammable or non-flammable chemicals, food products. In addition, within the scope of maritime transportation solutions, it offers open cargo transportation and ship chartering services, as well as heavy tonnage or out-of-gauge project shipments.

All kinds of containers, from special containers such as open top, open side, refeer, flat rack, platform, to hanging container transportation, from ISO tank container to Flexi tank container transportation, according to product type and features. AKTUR, which provides transportation services, specializes in; It also provides additional services such as providing, loading and laying flexi and hanging containers.



Different container options suitable for product specifications cause partial load to be evaluated as FCL (full container load) or LCL (partial container load). In this context, AKTUR carries out all kinds of FCL and LCL transports on a container basis according to product characteristics and volume.


Integrated Solutions

Having the ability to offer integrated solutions thanks to its experience, expertise and infrastructure, AKTUR offers land-sea, sea-air,
offers intermodal options such as sea-railway.


Fast, Safe and Greener

AKTUR, apart from the standard and special type containers it serves, thanks to the Flexi and ISO Tank type containers it has included in its fleet; manages the logistics operations of liquids and chemicals much faster, safer, environmentally friendly and with the highest possible volumes. Continuing to take new steps based on the demands of its customers, AKTUR provides cost and time savings with the applications it has implemented.


Flexi Tank is a container type that allows box containers to be used like tank containers, and provides time and cost savings in loading and unloading. AKTUR flexi tanks, which are used for the transportation of liquid vegetable oils, concentrated fruit juice and non-flammable liquid chemicals, have a carrying capacity of 24,000 liters. Thanks to its flexi tank transportations, which are an alternative to conventional barrel and ISO tank container shipments, AKTUR delivers more products to customers in bulk at a more affordable cost and in a healthier environment. Since Flexi tanks are disposable, costs such as washing and storage are also eliminated.