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Intermodal Advantages

Intermodal transportation is the method of transporting the load to more than one point with more than one transportation model without any action on the load while changing the transportation modes. Within the scope of intermodal transportation, special trailers are used that allow the products to pass directly from one transportation model to another without the need to remove them from the trailer.


Low Cost, Timely and Environmentally Friendly

AKTUR uses intermodal transportation to move cargo from one place to another in the most efficient, punctual, low-cost and environmentally friendly way. AKTUR; It uses transportation models used in intermodal transportation such as trucks, trains and cargo ships.


Intermodial Experience

AKTUR removes intermodal from being mysterious by creating land-rail, sea-rail, air-sea services that provide the efficiency of a model dependent on another model.

  • Provides premium and guaranteed intermodal services for time-sensitive loads.
  • It offers value pricing for lower value goods, different types of equipment and service options.
  • Equipment flexibility allows customers to choose the best fit for their load: 20′, 40′, 45′ containers and trailers; It offers many options including high-cube containers and 13.60 trailers.
  • Timely pickup and delivery is ensured through contracts with select Drayage providers.
  • AKTUR automatically tracks its customers’ shipments to report the current location and status via e-mail, fax or secure internet access, thanks to its technology infrastructure.
  • More importantly, experienced service personnel carefully manage each shipment to ensure the consistent, reliable performance customers need in their shipping schedule.



Intermodal transportation is a particularly preferred transportation model all over the world due to the advantages such as low CO2 emissions, diesel savings and particle emissions, which it provides today, when natural resources are rapidly depleted.

Advantages we offer to our customers:

  • Change of the routes used, less use of the highway,
  • Reducing CO2 emissions, fuel consumption and noise pollution,
  • Providing reliable time of arrival notification to customers,
  • Possible traffic on the highway, not being affected by customs clearance,
  • Creating leaner processes in terms of planning, facilitating decision-making processes over fixed departure times created in the system,
  • Increasing service quality standardization,
  • Facilitating service delivery and planning in large-scale projects.