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Aiming to continuously improve its environmental performance in order to protect the environment and ensure the sustainability of natural resources in line with its experience and reputation since its establishment, AKTUR declares the following commitments for the realisation of the Environmental Policy it has established within the scope of its sustainability efforts in order to ensure the balance between economic growth and environmental factors.


To comply with all national and international legal regulations and conditions related to the environment,
With the awareness that the resources in the world are not infinite, to go beyond legal regulations by taking the necessary actions by internalising this not as an obligation but as a responsibility to leave a carefully preserved environment to the future,
Identifying the stakeholders that significantly affect or are affected by logistics activities and taking their views into consideration in AKTUR’s environmental action plans through stakeholder participation process,
To save on the consumption of resources such as vehicle fuels, electrical energy, water, paper, natural gas and auxiliary materials used in all organisational units in line with GHP (Green House Protocol) requirements and to ensure the creation of technological and systematic infrastructure for this purpose,
To carry out studies within the framework of the following targets decided by our senior management and to have the relevant units take action,
Reducing tonnes of equivalent emissions based on the weight of the load carried,
Electricity consumption savings per square metre per year,
Saving the amount of domestic water consumption per person per year,
Annual per capita paper use savings,
Carbon and greenhouse gas emission reduction,


To ensure the recycling of hazardous wastes such as oil, tyres, paper, plastics, etc. generated during its activities and defined in the waste management plan and to create and implement a recycling action plan,
To support policies and national development programmes to be developed to reduce emissions from vehicles used to provide added value to the low carbon economy, which is one of the cornerstones of sustainable development,
To organise informative studies for the investors in order to promote environmentally friendly processes in order to control the indirect environmental impacts arising during the use of funds provided by international financial institutions, especially for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments, and to ensure the follow-up of all stages from the beginning to the end of the investment with an expert staff,
To create an environmentally sensitive corporate culture within AKTUR in cooperation with all its employees, customers and shareholders through continuous training on sustainable environment and by allocating resources in order to raise environmental awareness and ensure the internalisation of the environmental policy,
Calculating the carbon footprint and taking actions to reduce it and presenting the relevant data through Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting,
To ensure the regular control and supervision of the Environmental Policy established by AKTUR, which adopts supporting sustainable development and maximising global environmental sensitivity as its primary duty, in a systematic manner through internal and external audits according to changing dynamics,