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Special Solutions for Every Point

AKTUR; With its experienced and expert staff, reliable and strong partner network, it creates and implements scenarios suitable for the needs of its customers. It produces solutions in line with the needs of its customers by creating traceable costs with the transparent price policy it offers to its customers.

Sectoral Solutions

AKTUR’s team of experts in the field of Project Transportation creates business plans by producing innovative and customer-specific solutions, and develops and implements resource management strategies. AKTUR; carries out sectoral project management with its expertise in the energy, industry, construction, gas and mining sectors.

Transportation Solutions According to Needs

Considering the criteria such as transit time, product feature, exit and destination points, AKTUR; It offers land, sea and intermodal transportation options suitable for its customers. It also carries out port operations and crane organizations within the scope of project transportation.


Finding the most suitable ship for the cargo to be transported (heavy lift, charter ships) and making reservations are organized.


Low bed vehicles, organized according to the scope of project transportation, ensure reliable, fast and trouble-free transportation.


AKTUR, which plans route and logistics scenarios by evaluating climate and geographical conditions; offers intermodal transportation services in line with customer needs.

Online Following and Information

The current status of the products transported to the customers is timely communicated via e-mail. Upon request, the current status as departure and arrival information can be sent to the business partners of the customers, including different business partners such as the company representative.